Restoring the Teeth Enamel by Enameloplasty

Published: 17th February 2011
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Enamel is considered the hardest material found in the human body, and it is located on the outermost covering of the teeth. The mineral composition of this substance is unique, allowing the teeth to function properly as a digestive organ. However, there are instances that the enamel can not stand the pressure of grinding or clenching, causing it to break or wear off. This results in cracking and chipping of the teeth surface.

Enameloplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to restore or improve the appearance and functionality of the teeth by restoring its enamel. This is a specific form of contouring procedure focusing mainly on the shaving or polishing of the enamel. This should not be confused with enamelectomy, which is the complete removal of enamel tarnished by tooth decay.

The procedure is simple, and it can be performed by any licensed cosmetic dentist. Skilled cosmetic dentists found in suburban communities such as Mount Pleasant, South Carolina practice both Enameloplasty and even enamelectomy. However, enameloplasty is more preferred as a primary restorative method, because the degree of dental modification involved is minimal, whereas in enamelectomy, the natural covering of the teeth is removed and replaced by an artificial mineralized substance.

Enameloplasty is safe and greatly improves overall dental health. By improving the contour of the teeth, grinding of food is made easier, and speech pronunciation is improved as well. These will, in turn, improve dietary practice and communication skills. Experts in
dentistry Mount Pleasant has say that if the teeth are left unevenly worn, it will be exposed to other issues, such as highly sensitive teeth and bacterial damage that can lead to cavities.

In the procedure,
dentists in Mount Pleasant would normally examine the teeth using X-rays to make sure if it would be appropriate to perform enameloplasty, as some cases only need simpler treatment such as bleaching or mild contouring. If enameloplasty is required, the teeth are cleaned and prepared for reshaping using special tools. The teeth can be very sensitive to reshaping, so painkillers are often required prior to performing the actual procedure.

Nevertheless, dentists in Mount Pleasant do not recommend Enameloplasty when the enamel is very thin, since reshaping can expose the dentin, or the inner layer of the teeth. Exposing the dentin leaves it vulnerable to bacterial infection. Patients are advised to visit the dentist for a checkup six months after the procedure.

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