Cause And Effect Of Bruxism

Published: 11th March 2011
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You may think bruxism or teeth grinding is something not to be alarmed about but it can actually cause a number of severe effects. Many people overlook the damage the problem can bring. They often disregard the danger and see no need to go to dentists to resolve the issue. In Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, people who suffer this condition are referred to as bruxers.

When teeth grinding becomes a habit, it is more difficult to treat. What dentists do is try to identify what triggers the event to occur. Once the cause is determined, the dentist can then take the necessary steps to cure it. However, if the disorder has already established a connection with the patient’s subconscious mind, the mannerism would still continue even if the root factor is cut off.

Dental experts say that anxiety and stress has a lot to do with bruxism development. Adults come across this foe most often, but even children may encounter anxiety attacks. An approaching exam, worrying about something they’ve done wrong or their parents’ anger are some common sources of tension for kids. When a person experiences stress, he or she becomes more susceptible to many kind of sickness. Ones that affect both the body and brain are particularly damaging.

Another factor that can cause bruxism is malocclusion. Malocclusion or misalignment of teeth is a common dental defect for many people. Mt Pleasant dental specialists address this problem simply by performing the required repairs. Appliances or restoratives, such as braces and crowns, are used to correct this kind of issue.

Malocclusion can be both a cause and effect of bruxism. When teeth grind against each other, they scrape off a part of the surface known as the enamel. This is the outermost layer responsible for protecting the whole structure against foreign bacteria and other potential harm. With it reduced, each tooth becomes rough and uneven. This is why Mt Pleasant dental experts apply veneers and other restorative tools to keep the teeth aligned.

According to many a Mt Pleasant dentist, tooth decay is an effect of bruxism as well. With the exterior layer of the teeth removed, the internal part of a tooth is exposed to infection and contamination.

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